Visual Art

“The Brain on Literature”

The Brain on Literature
By: Briana Yaccich

This piece in particular was done in a time of feeling heavily influenced by the things that were going on around me that were pulling me away from the things that made me happiest. It specifically illustrates how literature can take you on a journey from your own life and worldly troubles and into any world you can possibly think of in order to escape, no matter for how brief of a time, and allow your mind to explore and breathe.



“The Uncaged Bird”

By: Maria Soldner
By: Maria Soldner

This hasty painting is based on Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” The bird, once caged, has broken free of the confining bars, but does not join the free bird’s frivolous flying. He does not sing like he did when he was caged; he screams for all of the time he wasted locked up. Although he is no longer caged, he will never be free spirited like the free bird. He can only be described as uncaged, but never as free.