My baby fucks like a corpse
Pounds like a heart giving out
She’s got a way with those hands
Has a knack for showing men the other side
Tugs apart heart beats
Pulls them into such a sweet embrace
She wraps her skeletal fingers around me
Leads me down into her catacombs
Shows me every bone
My baby loves to role play
Sometimes we play morgue
She dresses me like a coroner
Strips down to nothing but a toe tag
And asks me to perform an autopsy
Wants her heart laid out on the table
Begs to be embalmed
Asks to be hollowed out
Just so I can fill her back up
Other times, we play cannibal
She tells me “Baby, eat your heart out”
And I make a feast of her
Pick my teeth with her bones
Wipe my mouth on what’s left of her skin
My baby, she moans like she’s got a death rattle
Like this rigor mortis stiffness is contagious 
Like that headboard slamming
Is death knocking at my bedroom door
My baby made me an undertaker
I buried her beneath me, six feet deep
Sometimes, I still hear her wailing
Inviting me
See, my baby’s made room in her coffin for two
Wants me to make a deal with the devil
My baby, she leaves me love notes
In the knife drawer
And the medicine cabinet
And the gun safe
She’s laid breadcrumbs at my feet
Only, they’re really pills
A Xanax brick road to follow her home
My baby, she can be so convincing
She has such a way with words
Sexted me my own obituary
Dirty talked her way through my eulogy
My baby wants me
She wants me
Wants me to play mortician
To dress this up
To make this pretty
My baby, my baby
She came to me last night
Her cold mouth hungry
Tasting like earth
Reached down to unbuckle my belt
Slid it around my neck
My baby
She’s got a way with those hands
Has a knack for showing men the other side
She tugs apart my heart beat
Pulls me into death’s sweet embrace